How to be a Great Manager

Growing, Leading & Motivating a Team

A 5-week course that will give you the confidence you need to build trusting and collaborative relationships with your team, nurture their growth and keep them motivated. To ultimately get great results for the whole business.

14th Oct - 11th Nov 22'

How to be a Great Manager

This course will teach you how to...

14th Oct - 11th Nov 22'

Early Bird: £430 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

Full price: £500 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

**We keep our courses intimate, so spaces are very limited**

What's included?

Over 4 hours of recorded content and 5 hours of live weekly sessions with experienced leaders. Packed with case studies, clear explanations, practical tools and immediate actions.

How to identify your strengths 

Why knowing your strengths will help you grow as a manager

How to build your confidence as a leader with some key principles

How to build healthy and collaborative communication with your direct reports

Onboarding a new team member – the first week, 3 months, 6 months 

How to understand and adapt to each other’s ways of working 

How to delegate and manage workflows in 1:1 meetings 

How to get aligned on targets and set clear objectives

How to inspire a solutions focused mindset in your team

How and when to deliver positive, constructive or difficult feedback – using simple frameworks

How to encourage two-way feedback & upwards challenging

How to manage over and underperformance 

How to prepare, structure and deliver a productive review

How to understand what motivates your team members

How to create strength based development plans

How to know when to hire more people into your team, promote team members or restructure your team

How to interview effectively to grow your team

And loads more...

Templates & Tools

Templates and frameworks for personal development plans, 360 reviews, strength finder exercises, meeting plans and more.

Guest Speakers

An engaging & diverse line up of guest speakers. Bringing different perspectives & experiences of being a manager.

Support pack for hiring managers

Including whitepapers on how to write the most enticing job specs and conduct effective interviews, resources on hiring diversely & more…

A Certificate

To highlight and recognise your dedication and commitment. And to show off your new skills on your LinkedIn and CV!


Opportunity to be mentored by experienced leaders in our community.

An amazing gang to learn with

Ongoing support from the members you are learning with in a private slack group.

14th Oct - 11th Nov 22'

Early Bird: £430 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

Full price: £500 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

**We keep our courses intimate, so spaces are very limited**

Who is this for...

Who this is not for...

The expert behind it...

Rebecca Jones

When she’s not doing her real job, Rebecca (Bee) is our team coach and full time cheerleader, whose role is to make sure our team is happy. She’s an incredibly enthusiastic leader and marketing professional driven by results and a passion for success.

She has a killer combination of experience in small and fast-growth businesses, with all the skills of a fully trained marketing manager from big business such as P&G, and Amazon.

Bee started with a team of 2 at just 24 years old and was entirely overwhelmed, especially when that team grew to 20 at aged 25. Desperately reading management books did not prepare her for the real life humans that looked at her expectantly every day, but since then she has managed teams of up to thirty and now thrives in teaching others how to do so too.

We’ve trained over 400 marketeers, from over 300 different brands...

What do her fans say?

“Bee is an inspirational people manager that puts results at the heart of her ethos - people respond to her human side and buckets of enthusiasm, and I’m certain it’s what makes her so successful”

Beth Adebayo, former colleague

“Bee completely changed the way I approach work. She always puts people first, and creates a real sense of community wherever she works. It makes it fun and it makes it feel like together you can achieve so much more.”

Rosie Shann, former colleague

Got Questions?

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The deets...

This is a 5 week course with live sessions every Friday from 12:30-1:30PM.
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A combination of recorded content and live Zoom sessions, together requiring around 2 hours per week. There will be some light homework between sessions to keep the ideas we cover fresh.
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The weekly live sessions will be interactive, but if you have to miss one we will circulate the content and recordings.

14th Oct - 11th Nov 22'

Early Bird: £430 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

Full price: £500 (excluding VAT) inclusive of all resources

**We keep our courses intimate, so spaces are very limited**

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