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29th June from 12-12:45pm BST

What happens when you have to start spending actual advertising money? Ocean Bottle was founded in 2019 with a mission to bring people together to turn the tide on plastic. Starting out by hijacking luxury events at Glastonbury, long heartfelt emails to early backers and relentless sales pitches to corporate companies has become more of an operation now. The brand has over 500,000 products in the world and with it a community of people who are the brand’s most useful weapon, their NPS score proves it.

But when your startup starts to gain traction and mature, a new challenge emerges. How does a company go from firing on all cylinders to firing on just the ones that will grow the business, not to mention navigating existing growth channels and their new parameters?

About the speakers

Morgan Young

Morgan heads up the growth team at Ocean Bottle, a reusable water bottle that funds the collection of ocean plastic from the world’s most polluted waterways. Before this, he led growth marketing and partnerships at automated energy switching service, Switchd, and headed up marketing and acquisition for easyCar Club, the UK’s largest peer-to-peer car club at the time.

Iona Ratcliffe

Iona comes from the world of brand strategy working for brands like Unilever, Nike and Google on their brand and communications propositions through to advertising campaigns. She also spent some time working with Mary Portas developing retail strategies and creative consumer journeys for established British brands. Her mission has always been to find purpose for her clients’ brands helping them cut through by creating a direct and tangible relationship with the people they serve. 7 years in she found herself trawling the internet looking for a startup she could join that was going to put purpose before profit. That was back in 2019 when the founders were finishing up business school and she’s been heading up brand marketing at Ocean Bottle since.

What we'll cover

  • Brief intro to Ocean Bottle and why they exist
  • What changes when a business moves from startup to scaleup.
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot. Collaborating with other brands has been our Trojan horse and growth spends a lot of time grooming it
  • How to find a balance between experimentation and BAU.
  • Growth needs brand and brand needs growth. Why brand and growth teams can’t act in a silo – and the benefits of collaboration.

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