Running effective 1:1 meetings

HBR reckons we spend around 23 hours a WEEK in meetings… 

If you’re running a team in a small business, you don’t need us to remind you that it is VERY expensive, and that time is precious. If you aren’t maximising this time, you’re losing time, money, and probably the motivation of your team.

Here are some tips on structuring 1:1s and getting the most out of your team

1) Set an agenda.

Agenda’s should be non-negotiable. No agenda, no meeting.

Note that “How I’m feeling” is a legitimate agenda point.

2) Don’t rush and don’t skip.

The quickest way to disenfranchise your team is to skip the time with them.

If you are late, always remember to apologise and let them know that you are invested in them and your time with them.

3) Flex the coach and teacher.

Be ready to flex your coach and teacher role. Sometimes you will need to play the teacher to give them instructions on a question. Other times, you will need to flex your coaching muscle for those moments when they ask you ‘what do we do?’. 

To help them problem solve you can ask them ‘what do you recommend?’.

4) Feedback.

The golden rule of reviews is no surprises! So, if you have feedback, your 1:1 is the first port of call.

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