4 steps to Career Confidence

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About this event

Are you…

  • Struggling to show your full potential at work and know you have so much more to offer?
  • Facing career hurdles you’re not sure how to deal with?
  • Struggling with a lack of confidence, lack of self belief, impostor syndrome or self-limiting behaviours?

Alex is an experienced coach, marketer and business leader who is passionate about helping people unlock their true potential and achieve their life goals. She has been coaching for 15 years now and is most passionate about helping others realise their full potential and find the confidence to believe in themselves. Join us on Friday 6th May at 12PM as we discuss what is confidence, why it’s important and 4 steps to boosting yours!

We cover:

  • What is confidence & why it’s important
  • 4 steps to boosting / unlocking confidence:
    • Courage
    • Recognising success
    • Know your strengths
    • Find inspiration

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