How Brilliant Brands Supercharge their Communities

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Lisa spent 9 years with global retail brand, lululemon, growing the brand in New Zealand, Canada, UK & Europe, through focusing primarily on grassroots approaches to building the brand community, engaging with customers and building long-lasting relationships. Lisa is now heading up the Brand Builders Collective at Duel, consulting with tons of forward-thinking brands on growth through passionate advocates. Lisa will share her first-hand knowledge on how segmenting your community, engaging with customers and building relationships is key to how brilliant brands supercharge their communities. 

The reality of today is that modern marketers are investing more in paid channels with less return. To alleviate this pressure, many are looking for organic growth—the holy grail of channels that comes with high levels of trust, reduces acquisition costs and allows for exponential scaling. This need has led to the newly formed practice of brand advocacy, where passionate customers and fans help amplify a brand’s reputation and voice, ultimately leading to brand growth.

We cover:

  • Community building foundations

  • Principles of great brands

  • Segmenting your community 

  • Activating your brand advocates


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