How marketers can do better, for their businesses and the planet

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As marketers, we have a clear role in our businesses: to sell more.

Yet, when our jobs ultimately involve selling more plastic, fast-food, dairy… It’s easy to feel like we do more harm than good.

But what if each brand we worked on could be an opportunity to drive positive change?

A positive change to the world and a positive change to your brand. 

If you could take tangible action towards a real-world problem and eventually make your brand more famous, favoured and fluent – wouldn’t you? 

In a world where sustainability claims have become table stakes, learn how to make yours authentic and impactful.

Join Viviana Gardener, Strategist at Taxi Studio, as she takes us through her process for helping brands identify a relevant social or environmental purpose in order to make a positive change in the world.

We cover:

  • The business case behind driving positive change

  • How to align your brand purpose with a relevant cause

  • How to ensure you are driving tangible action (and NOT greenwashing)


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