How to create a new tone of voice for your brand… with Eat Real

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About this event

Following almost 12 years at Innocent Drinks and time at Cawston Press as the brand’s first Marketing Director, Helen joined healthy snacking brand Eat Real (now part of WARP Snacks alongside Proper) as Marketing Director in September 2020. Working alongside David and Tom from independent strategic consultancy Frontier who work with the likes of Amazon, No7 Beauty Company, and scale-up E-Bike and E-Scooter brand Pure Electric on strategy, design & innovation projects, she spent 2021 crystalising the brand’s foundational positioning to inform the next phase of growth.

Together they’ll be sharing a Case Study of how they translated that Brand Positioning into a distinctive new Tone of Voice with clear directional guidelines for all future copy development.

We cover:

  • How to leverage Jungian Archetypes to define a clear North Star and category whitespace for the brand
  • How they evolved the existing Brand Values and Tone of Voice through Brand Personality exploration

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