Making it Work as a Woman

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About this event

The world doesn’t need another talk or book about how to spend big money. There is so little that teaches you how to start small and use limited resources (both time and cash) to get off the ground. Lottie has been working with start ups for almost a decade, thinking about how to maximise what you’ve got to drive fast returns. 

We cover:

  • How to climb into a leadership role  
  • How to ask for money 
  • How to manage the work/life balance 

About the speakers

Lottie Unwin, Founder at Copy Club (Host) 

Aditi Kibe-Heal, Marketing Director, ex-Unilever

    • Aditi Kibe-Heal is ex-Marketing Director at Unilever and interim Marketing Director at Draught Drop.
    • She has launched three corporate start-ups, led an eCommerce sales and marketing change programme at Unilever, and was part of the founding team at digital agency, Deloitte Digital.
    • She will be sharing her tips on work-life balance and making it work as a woman in a male-dominated environment.
    • If you need to ask why Aditi, she has 2 children under the age of 5 and was nominated for an Asian Women of Achievement award in 2021.

Raissa De Haas, Co-founder at Double Dutch Drinks

    • Raissa de Haas is one half of the dynamic twin duo behind award-winning UK premium tonic and mixers brand Double Dutch. Since launching in 2015, they have received numerous accolades with Sir Richard Branson supporting their vision by awarding them a coveted Foodpreneur Award. Additional honours include being voted best overall tonic in a blind tasting across 10 other market leading tonic brands by The Independent and taking a spot on the prestigious Forbes ’30 under 30’  Europe list.
    • In just a few years, they have built a multi million pound business where most recently also the family Heineken invested a minority stake in. 

Priya Downes, Founder at Nudea

    • Priya is the founder and CEO of Nudea, a fit-focused underwear brand that offers contemporary and sophisticated essentials at an aspirational price point.
    • Prior to founding Nudea, Priya spent 10 years working in Luxury Fashion at Burberry and Chanel. She also spent a few years working at the World Bank helping to drive the sustainability agenda in the fashion industry which she is now bringing to her own brand through the use of recycled fabrics.
    • Priya holds an MBA from INSEAD and is passionate about entrepreneurship and driving female leadership in the business world.

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